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Can I get a roller for my leaf and debris cover

The answer is “of course”, in fact it is always surprising how many customers think that a roller cannot be used with a leaf and debris cover. This is possibly because a leaf and debris cover is a “clip down” style of pool cover, and most people think of using a roller as simply a matter of walking up to it and rolling the cover up straight away. Therefore, because you have to release all of the cleats (clips) on a leaf and debris cover first, the assumption is that a roller would not give any advantage to using a leaf and debris cover at all. This assumption is not correct. The fact is that a leaf and debris cover like any other pool cover will be much easier to put on and take off when a roller is used. This is because a roller actually grabs a much larger section of the cover than can be done by just using your hands, which means it allows you to get control of the cover quickly. Granted the cleats on a leaf and debris cover have to be undone first, before taking this kind of cover off. But after that the leaf and debris cover is just like any other style of pool cover and will be much easier to handle using a roller. My advice to customers who are not sure whether to buy a roller or not for any kind of cover is “if your unsure, start off without a roller and live with just the cover alone for a couple of weeks. If you then decide to buy a roller, it is no trouble to fit a roller to a pool cover at a later time. They do not have to be purchased as a set at the first time of purchase. Leaf and debris pool covers work great for the job they are designed to do, buy they are much easier to live with when they are attached to a good pool cover roller.  

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