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Stationary Pool Cover Rollers – White or Black

$510.00 each

  • 10 Year Pro Rata Warranty
  • U Shaped
  • Powdercoated Aluminium Frame with Stabilisation Feet
  • 100mm Clear Anodised Aluminium Tube, Telescopic
  • Suncover and Strap Sets included
  • Available in White and Black
  •  ROLLER WIDTH: When ordering your Roller, Please specify the width of the pool in the Notes Section at the Checkout. We will provide a suitable roller for the width of the pool +300mm.

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Pool Cover Rollers are not essential, however, using your Pool Cover is significantly easier with the aid of a pool cover roller. We find that any pool over approximately 6m x 3m will probably benefit from the purchase of a pool cover roller. It takes just 30 seconds to roll the pool cover off or back onto the pool water.

The Manual handling of a pool cover will subject the material to scraping across the pool surrounds and coping tiles, you also get very wet when you do it. Then there is the weight, a 500 micron pool cover is approximately 500 grams per square metre in weight – when dry!! So the pool cover can start to weigh a little as the pools start to get larger in size. We do sell “Pool Cover Only” to customer, but we tend to find that most of our clients who have tried to use a pool cover without a pool cover roller very quickly realise the advantages it offers.

We supply Pool Cover Rollers with powdercoated aluminium Frames. Over the years we have found that the Plastic Leg Pool Cover Roller Frames, degrade significantly under our harsh sun and additionally contact from pool chlorine makes the plastic brittle.

Our Pool Cover Rollers also come with a 10 Year Pro Rata Warranty.


  • U Shaped powder-coated aluminium frame for greater stability, with hardened plastic stoppers (stopper are 125mm wide).
  • Pool Cover Roller leg is 50mm (w) x 30mm (h) x 550mm (l). 325mm from ground to centre of axle. 510mm to top of handwheel
  • 100mm diameter x 1.9mm wall thickness anodised aluminium tube
  • We suggest you order a pool cover roller 300mm wider than the widest part of your pool
  • End Slug inserted and drilled off
  • Attachment kit – including ropes, eyelets and eyelet knife
  • Canvacon Sun Cover included.


Tools Required:

  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Cordless Drill with Phillips Head bit

Roller Assembly Video


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White, Black

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