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Australia's Best Pool Cover Roller Range are now Pre-Built

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Top Quality Swimming Pool Cover Roller that is practically pre-built

Our Pool Cover Roller is wildly touted throughout the Pool Industry as the best in class – we regularly get comments from our trade clients about this

For well over a decade we have been using the upside-down “U” shape on our Powder-Coated Aluminium Frames because it provides significantly more stability during the winding up process of your pool cover than its “T” Shaped Frame Pool Cover Roller competitors. 
Not only that but we also use heavy-duty webbing straps and clamps to attach the pool blanket to the pool blanket roller, we moved away from the 3mm Venetian Blind Cord a very long time ago. We also use a 100mm diameter with a 1.9mm wall thickness galvanised aluminium three-piece tube, which is a seriously high quality tube. We moved to a three-piece tube to improve the transportability of the tubes around Australia. We found the very long single-piece tubes we were sending constantly being damaged by the freight company with little to no accountability for damage caused in transit. 

We were the first to market with a colour choice in our pool cover rollers, bringing a Black Frame and Black Handwheel option to market which has proved extremely popular

Plus we are now the only Pool Cover manufacturer that has the Pool Cover Roller End Frame Pre-Built. Thats correct the End Slug is Prefitted to the Handwheel, the Handwheel is Pre-fitted to the End Frame. The circlip and End Cap is on and the Feet are Pre-fitted to the End Frame also. Installation is a breeze, extend and then screw off your tube to length. Slip the pre-Built end frames on and screw off. Attach the thick web straps to the Pool Cover and the Pool Cover Roller. Installation Complete (more detail on the installation below)

Pool Covers and Rollers | Custom Made Swimming Pool Covers Australia

What type of Swimming Pool Cover Roller do you need?

There are quite a number of different pool cover rollers on the market and we have access to the vast majority of them

Benefits of a Swimming Pool Cover Roller

Your Swimming Pool Cover is made of LDPE Plastic and weighs approximately 500grams per square metre dry, whilst in use it will accumulate all leaves and debris that would normally have fallen into the pool. As its a large body of material, that has a decent amount of weight and can get dirty at times your Pool Cover Roller will 

  • Enable much quicker and easy pool access. If setup correctly most pool covers should roll off within 30 seconds as a one person operation. 
  • Having a pool cover without a swimming pool cover roller will involve folding or rolling the pool cover into a coil and then folding it away in storage. It is a difficult material to fold and if stored immediately will be wet. Using a pool blanket roller will save you considerable time and effort.
  • swimming pool blanket roller and the ensuing pool cover roller cover or Suncover will prolong the life of your pool cover by preventing the pool cover material from superheating and getting Roller Burn. The Pool Cover material is very susceptible to chlorine, hence there is an additive in the plastic to protect against the chlorine. However, this additive deteriorates rapidly when superheated eg. when off the pool and not cover up. A Pool Cover Roller and its pool blanket roller cover will absolutely pro-long the life of your swimming pool cover.
  • We only use heavy-duty materials on our Pool Cover Rollers, hence why they are best in class – Powder coated Aluminium End Frames, 100mm Diameter x 1.9mm Wall thick Tubes. Heavy Duty Straps for Blanket attachments and pool roller cover make our pool rollers built to last and will withstand the harshness of the Australian weather and the Australian Pool Seasons. Our Pool Cover Roller Fact Sheet

Do you need a pool cover roller? If you want to save money, time, and effort and maximise the investment that you made in getting a pool cover, the answer is ‘yes.’ Give us a call on 0498808392 to discuss further.

Adjustable Swimming Pool Roller Reels

We stock a wide range of mobile and stationary pool rollers and we’re sure to have what you need when it comes to looking for cheap pool rollers that don’t compromise on quality.

Our easy-to-use pool cover rollers will ensure that having a swimming pool in your backyard or business premises is stress-free. Let our products do the hard work of keeping the water clean and maintaining the safety of the area when your pool is not in use.

The Highest Quality Swimming Pool Cover Rollers Available

For more information on swimming pool rollers, custom designed pool covers, automatic pool rollers or any other of our products, be sure to get in contact with us today. You can fill out the contact form right here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Welcome to Pool Covers and Rollers, Australia’s most trusted supplier of swimming pool rollers. We offer mobile and stationary Pool Cover Rollers, Under Bench Pool Cover Roller and can source the very popular Below Ground Pool Cover Roller Boxes and we offer them at the best possible price points.

That’s right; despite making our products right here in Australia using heavy duty materials and the most innovative manufacturing techniques, we’re able to offer our range of swimming pool reels at extremely competitive rates when compared with other suppliers.

We do so by, essentially, cutting out the middleman so our customers don’t have to pay extra when they don’t need to.

How to Install a Pool Cover Roller

Pool Covers and Rollers | Custom Made Swimming Pool Covers Australia

Our Pool Cover Rollers are delivered to you with the End Frames Pre-Built. We Check each of the Tubes before they leave our premises to ensure they slip fit into each other. We then Colour Code the Tubes so you know which piece goes where. Once your tube is extended to its desired length. Screw it off. 
Slip on the End Frame. Screw them to the tube. Then attach the Pool Cover to the Pool Cover Roller. Lastly, use the eyelets, eyelets knife, straps and paddles to make your SunCover and you are done. 
If you have any trouble please Check out our Pool Cover Roller Installation Video above

Looking for the best pool Cover rollers online?

Finding a pool blanket roller that offers the same value for money and level of quality that our products do is impossible. We’re so confident that our prices are the best around that we will beat any written price on Australian sourced quality pool cover & pool cover roller.

That’s right! Let us know if you find a better priced Australian made pool roller and we’ll beat that price.

A Wide Selection of Pool Rollers Available to Purchase

We’ve got all kinds of adjustable electric and automatic pool rollers that will make covering your pool a safe and hassle-free process. Our products will do the hard work for you and ensure that your pool water and pool area is fully protected when not in use.

For more information on our robust pool reels, be sure to contact us today. All rollers are built to withstand the harsh Australian sun and they come with a 10 Year Pro Rata Warranty for added peace of mind.

Pool Covers & Rollers are Australia’s leader in custom made pool roller covers. We provide swimming pool covers for any size pool and swimming pool rollers & reels for any size pool cover. If you are in need of an inground or above ground pool cover or a swimming pool safety cover, you’ve come to the right place.

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