Pool Covers

WinterKleen or Leaf and Debris Pool Cover

A WinterKleen cover is a pool cover that is also known by many other alternative names depending on who you talk to, for example, it can also be called “leaf and debris pool cover”, “dust and leaf cover”, “leaf stop cover” to name just a few of the alternative names put forward. What does not vary is that a winter cover is the style of pool cover that pool owners turn to when their swimming pool is constantly receiving a lot of leaves and rubbish.

Winter covers are made from a very strong and fine mesh fabric which will not allow any foreign matter into the pool water. They are cut approximately 200 mm larger than the swimming pool all the way around and are secured by a series of cleats usually fixed into the pool surrounds or coping. These cleats allow the winter cover to be drawn taught across the swimming pool usually to the point where the centre of the winter cover is drawn clear of the water. This allows the leaves etc which fall on the cover to remain dry so that they can be easily removed using a broom or a blower vac.

So why call it a winter cover? It’s most prevalent use is when pool owners shut their swimming pool down for the non swimming season across Autumn and Winter. Usually the pool owner will give the swimming pool a good clean and then fit the winter cover in place. The winter cover will remain on for the remainder of the non swimming season thus saving the pool owner a lot of cleaning over the non swimming season.

Winter covers have saved thousands of pool owners time and effort when looking after their swimming pools. But there is one thing that a winter cover will not do and that adopts the role of a safety cover. We have been asked by many prospective owners, can it also be a safety cover? The answer is definitely no, not under any circumstances.