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There are two main steps to extend the life of your Pool Cover. Firstly, have your swimming pool water checked by a professional at least once a month. They will ensure that your swimming pool water remains between the optimum 2-3ppm (parts per million parts water) of chlorine. Your local pool shop or maintenance person should keep records of the chemical concentration of your swimming pool, as these will be useful for warranty claims in the unlikely event of a pool cover breakdown.

Secondly, when the cover is removed from the pool and if you have a pool cover roller, simply place the pool cover roller cover or Suncover over the rolled-up bubble. If a pool cover roller is not present, ensure that the swimming pool cover material remains in complete shade, when it is removed from the pool. As the material is an excellent conductor of heat, it is possible for the material to possibly melt under direct sunlight without the cooling of the water. Also over exposure to heat, has a negative effect on the composition of the make-up of the material. This can seriously effect how the pool cover reacts to chlorine degradation and will likely cause “Roller Burn”

Yes! A pool cover will get rid of duck from around your pool, by denying them access to the water, the idea is to break the behavioral habits of the ducks. Your swimming pool is mostly clear, and therefore the duck can see the bottom and the contents of the water – thus allowing the duck to ascertain whether or not there are predators in the water. Generally most swimming pools are fenced, the fence acts as a barrier to predators also. On top of this some pools, have some form of vegetation handy, such as grass, plants etc and provide a small amount of food. Your pool is an ideal safe place for a swim, a quick bite to eat and inevitably go to the toilet.

All types of pool covers will deter ducks from swimming in the pool, but the degree of their effectiveness largely depends on which type of pool cover you choose. How a pool cover deters the ducks is simply by denying them access to the thing that the duck seeks – the water. By covering the water up, they can no longer swim/ bathe in your pool. Placing a cover will not instantly stop the ducks from coming, over time, they will understand that they cannot access your pool – and in turn go somewhere else. The common misconception is to try and scare the ducks away from the pool with floating objects or hanging items above the water line. This will work briefly, until the duck realises that the object poses no real threat. The only true and lasting way to deter the ducks is to deny access to the water.

Pool Covers and Ducks – Article 

The answer is a definite NO!

The leaf and debris cover is designed to keep leaves and rubbish out of your pool, not people or animals. It is NO substitute for an approved fence.

No, the fabric in a leaf and debris cover is much lighter than say the bubble solar blankets and do not require a roller for ease of rolling. However, we have in the past attached a roller to a leaf and debris cover at the customer’s request, the customer was very pleased with the end result.

Yes, this type of cover fabric is weave and as such is porous, therefore the rainwater will be able to go through the cover and into the pool. The weave mesh is however perfect for keeping small particles out of your pool.

PoolCoversandRollers.com.au uses Sealed Air Australia Smart WaterMark Approved and Climate Care Certified Pool Cover material. This material is made in Australia for Australian conditions. Sealed Air have been perfecting its pool blanket material for over 30 years, and supply the likes of Daisy, Abgal, Elite and Walco to name a few. It’s renowned for being the most durable in our harsh environmental conditions. It is also the only 100% recyclable material.

Yes! Your Solar Pool cover is designed to have the bubbles facing down into the water. This allows for the maximum amount of UV retention, as the UV rays are able to pass through the flat surface of the pool cover on the way down, and then are refracted off the dimple side of the bubble after it has bounced off the pool floor. The flat surface on the top also makes it easier to remove leaf and debris material off the pool cover before your roll it up

Yes. Your Pool Blanket will not hinder the operation of your Pool Cleaner, whether thats a Suction Pool Cleaner like a Kreepy Krauly or Zodiac MX8, a Pressure Cleaner like a Polaris 280 or Jetvac, Or a Robotic Pool Cleaner like a Dolphin S200 (Corded) or Inver X (Cordless). Your pool cleaner may climb the wall and bump its head on the cover and then return back down into the pool. The pool blanket should reduce the amount of leaf and debris that lands in the water and therefore make the job for your pool cleaner much easier.

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