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  • Maintain water temperature, for lower power bills
  • Reduce evaporation, saving you money on water refills
  • Top grade materials to ensure only the best quality products
  • Cost-effective, custom-fit solutions
  • All goods delivered free-of-charge to your address

At Pool Covers and Rollers, we offer the highest quality, custom-made pool covers at prices normally only associated with one-size-fits-all equivalents.

Pool Covers


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Why Use Pool Covers?

As residents of the Sunshine State, we know how much Gold Coast locals love their swimming pools. What they probably don’t love as much is the time-consuming cleaning and maintenance required to keep a pool in peak condition.

A good quality, well-fitted pool cover system offers more than just a convenient way to keep your swimming pool clean, saving you time and effort. Extra benefits include conserving heat and reducing the amount of pool water evaporation. This all means reduced running costs, boosted energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

When you buy a pool cover system from us, you can be certain you’re getting the best solution at the most reasonable price. We’re so confident about the standard of our products and their affordability, we promise to beat any quote on Australian-sourced pool covers of equal quality.

That’s where a high quality, tailored and properly fitted pool cover system comes in! It offers more than an easy way to keep your pool clean with minimal time and effort. You’ll also reap the rewards of added heat conservation and a reduction in the evaporation of your pool water. What this all adds up to is lower costs associated with running your pool, the reduced water and electricity use providing a decline in your utility bills. Your pool will also become much more energy efficient, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too!

Purchase one of our custom-made pool cover systems and we promise that despite the superior quality of our products we will not be beaten on price. We have such faith in our affordability that we’re prepared to beat any quote you find elsewhere for an Australian-sourced pool cover deemed of equal quality.

We’ve cut out the middle-man to get you the best deal!

If you’re in or around the Gold Coast and require an inground or above ground pool cover, you’ve come to the right place! Because we manufacture all products to order right here in Australia, we’ve cut out the middleman, allowing us to keep costs low and quality high.

Say goodbye to gaping pool covers and areas that don’t quite fit. No matter what the dimensions of your pool, whether it has straight sides or lagoon-shaped edges, our covers can be built to match. What’s more, we always add a little extra to the length and width, making extra sure you reap the benefits of complete coverage.

With Pool Covers and Rollers, you’ll get the best of the best!

Manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, our rollers are of equal quality to our covers. By adding a custom-made roller or reel, you’ll have a fully functioning system that’s easy to use and will maximise the benefits offered by your pool cover. This system also enables fast roll on / roll off speeds, meaning quick and easy access to your pool.

Quality products, technical know-how and outstanding customer service!

Our solutions are made using the best materials from trusted suppliers, alongside the most up-to-date manufacturing and installation techniques. In addition, all systems come with either a five or eight-year warranty, offering ultimate peace-of-mind that your solution is built to last.

With over a decade of experience, we’ve gained a solid reputation across the Gold Coast for producing high quality pool cover and roller systems alongside a commitment to the ultimate levels of customer service. Working with residential and commercial clients, our team is committed to offering straightforward and honest advice, enabling you to choose the right solution for ease of maintenance and definitive pool protection.

Looking for a spare part? We’ve got you covered!

We know all there is to know about pool covers and rollers and stock a wide range of spare parts, including refit kits and sun covers. Whatever you need to ensure your system is operating at its best, get in touch and we’ll utilise our extensive supplier network to source it for you.

Call 0498808392 or email info@poolcoversandrollers.com.au today to find out more!

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