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  • 8 Year Rata Warranty.
  • Smart Watermark approved
  • Suncap 500 Micron Pool Cover
  • Australian Made Pool Cover Material

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We have been manufacturing and selling Australian Made solar pool covers since 2000. Our 500 Micron pool cover material is made by Sealed Air Australia, manufactured at their factory in Faulkner, Victoria. The pool cover bubble referred to as “Suncap” is Climate Care Certified and Smart WaterMark Approved and eligible Government Water Rebates when they are available

We are the only manufacturer who welds our pool blankets across the pool. There are several reasons why we do this. The first is that the pool cover winds up onto your pool cover roller significantly better with the weld lines running parallel to the roller tube. There is simply no denying this fact, horizontal panels roll up far better than mass produced vertical panels. Secondly, due to our unique manufacturing process, the building of each blanket with horizontal panels, this enables us to create shapes. Do you have a pool with a Swim Out? Or a Beach End? Why should you buy a pool cover based on maximum length and maximum width? You should simply pay for what you need, rather than pay for all the wasted material. Our manufacturing process cuts down on this wasted material

What are the benefits of a pool cover:

  • Reduce the rate of evaporation by as much as 97%
  • Cut your chemical usage by as much as 50%
  • Can heat your pool by as much as 8 Degrees Celsius
  • Will retain a significant portion of the heat already in your pool
  • Will keep your pool cleaner
  • Is compatible with your automatic pool cleaner
  • Makes your Solar or Electric pool heating far more efficient.

How does a solar pool cover heat the water? The pool cover is a transparent colour which allows the sun’s solar energy to pass through the blanket and heat the water. The blanket acts as an insulator, via the prevention of water evaporation. Almost 95% of the pool’s temperature is lost through the surface area of the pool. As the pool cover acts like a lid, you could almost say the pool cover traps in the heat. The stronger the sun’s energy, the warmer the pool.

What about evaporation? The pool cover should be cut to fit the pool so that there is no exposed water. Ideally there should be a small lip that rises up the side of the coping wall. A properly fitted pool cover can reduce the amount of evaporation by as much as 97%. Evaporation occurs from the surface of the water and as the cover is a protective barrier on the surface level , this is how it reduces the evaporation . The two major sources of evaporation are

  • When there is a major difference in temperature between the outside air temp and the water temp. Generally speaking this will occur when the water temperature is relatively warm and the nights are cool.
  • When there is a gentle breeze present. A light breeze can double the evaporative rate. It is estimated depending on your location that the individual pool can lose between 50% and 150% of the pool’s capacity in water per year. A recent study by Sydney Water showed that coastal locations eg. Manly had a significantly higher evaporative rates than their inner suburb counterparts eg. Castle Hill, due to the afternoon seabreezes. However, those pools in inland towns, would experience significant loss through temperature difference, caused by the cooler evenings.


  • Bubble Side down
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors
  • Try not to cut (chomp) the pool cover where possible, slice the pool cover by pushing the scissors through the material
  • Score the pool cover first in the position you want to cut. Then slice.

Updated Pool Cover Installation Video 

Old Pool Cover Installation Video

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Original price was: $18.70.Current price is: $16.40. sqm
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