Pool cover for an odd shaped pool ?

It is possible to fit a pool cover for an odd shaped pool and this applies to a wide variety of pool covers on the market today. Very often the limitation on whether to get a pool cover for an odd shaped pool does not rest with the pool cover itself but whether or not [...]

Can I get a roller for my leaf and debris cover

The answer is "of course", in fact it is always surprising how many customers think that a roller cannot be used with a leaf and debris cover. This is possibly because a leaf and debris cover is a "clip down" style of pool cover, and most people think of using a roller as simply a [...]

Winter Cover – Why would you buy one?

Winter Cover, this is the pool cover of choice by swimming pool owners whose swimming pool receives a large amount of leaf and debris each year. As well as being called a winter cover, they are also known by a variety of other names including "leaf and debris cover", "dust and leaf cover", and "leaf [...]

Buying a Pool Cover? Whats the first question you should ask?

You often hear it said that the first question to ask when buying a pool cover is "where was the pool cover made"? However, I think that this is not quite the correct way to ask what would otherwise be a good opening question. You see in Australia our pool covers are subjected to some of [...]

Solar Pool Heating and a Pool Cover…Do i need both?

So many Solar Pool Heating Companies these days advise their customers to also fit a swimming pool cover, but is that really necessary and are there advantages to be had by doing so? The answer is you most certainly should be fitting a pool cover, there are great advantages and performance improvements to be gained by [...]

Solar Pool Cover – Care and Maintenance

Solar Pool Cover – Tips to get the maximum life out of yours A good quality Australian made Solar Pool Cover, particularly made from Sancell Australia material, is made to last. In fact there is very little that can go wrong with them, but to ensure their longevity there are a few things that should be [...]

Pool Cover Installation – step by step guide

Pool cover installation is not difficult and can be done by almost anyone, using every day tools and a careful patient approach.  The tools you will need are, (1) a sharp pair of household scissors. Procedure When I have gone to do a pool cover installation over the years I have always followed this procedure. [...]

Pool Cover Roller Installation

In providing this instruction on how to install a pool cover roller, we will assume that your pool cover has already been cut out and installed. Tools you will need 9mm open end, ring or socket spanner 19mm open end, ring or socket spanner Hammer Small Block of wood Tape measure Phillips head screw driver [...]

Benefits of a Pool Cover

Pool Covers – Are they a good Investment? What are the Benefits of a Pool Cover The decision to buy a swimming pool is taken with the idea of providing more opportunities to enjoy time at home spent swimming with family and friends. However, while a swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment over the swimming [...]

Pool Cover Types- Which pool cover will best suit your Swimming Pool

Having made the decision to buy a pool cover, the next question is which type will best suit your pool. The best way to decide this is to simply identify what is the prime reason for getting one, for example is it to keep the pool warmer for longer, stop water evaporation, or is it [...]