How to measure your pool for a swimming pool cover

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Measure the inside wall of your pool

Measuring your pool for a swimming pool cover is simply measuring the length and width of your pool at water level. If you have any step areas, then measure the step area separately as illustrated, so we can manufacture the pool blanket in one piece. A further thing to remember with step areas is what side they are on relative to when you are standing.

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What if my pool isn’t square?

If the pool is not square, then you may have to form a rectangle around the pool with a length of string (rope, cord or even your garden hose) to give you your maximum water level length and width. We supply oversize to allow for an upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurement is all that is required.

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Note when cutting the blanket

Note: when cutting the blanket to shape, cut oversize and allow to settle for finesse trimming later. Remember what is cut off can never be put back on, so slow and steady and just take off small amounts until you reach the point where you are happy.

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