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Things to consider when buying a Madimack Heat Pump

We all love swimming in heated pools, and especially in the colder winter months. So it makes sense to purchase a high-quality, energy efficient heat pump to create that perfect temperature for your own pool.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Madimack Pool Heat Pump, there are a range of things you should consider before making the final decision. The most important thing to consider is cost. This not only includes the cost of buying a pump but also the costs of plumbing, installation and its running costs.

Below, we’ll outline what you need to consider when getting a Madimack Pool Heat Pump in detail so you can assess it amongst other pool heating options on the market. That way, you’ll know what to expect before you make that significant financial investment.

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Madimack Pool Heat Pump price

Depending on the precise model you choose, a Madimack Pool Heat Pump can cost anywhere between $2,640 and $13,816. The Madimack ECO Heat Pump is a generally more affordable model, powering up to 24 kW in a single phase and in a very energy efficient manner. The newer state of the art Madimack Elite V3 2022 Model is more pricey, but can power up to 31.8 kW in a single phase (without sacrificing energy efficiency). The Madimack Summer Eco also costs in the mid-$2000s, while the Elite Silent can cost more up towards the $5,000 mark.

But there is more than the initial Madimack Heat Pump price when it comes to maintaining one of these products, which we’ll outline below.

Installation costs

The cost to electrically install a Madimack Pool Heat Pump can be between $120 and $200 depending on the work required, equipment and location. You may also need to pay to install a circuit breaker switch.

You can’t install a Madimack Heat Pump yourself. It is not a heating system which you can simply just plug and unplug at will. You’ll need a qualified electrician to appropriately ground the unit and wire into the electrical system that’s already in your home.  

The exchanger on Madimack’s heat pumps typically come with a 25-year warranty. The warranty on the parts usually last for 4 years.

Plumbing costs

Plumbing costs can vary anywhere between $100 to $500, depending on the material used, the work involved and the location in which you need your pump installed. The plumbing required for a Madimack Heat Pump should be done by a plumber or a pool technical specialist.

While it’s not absolutely essential that a qualified professional installs your heat pump, we strongly recommend it. This is because the Madimack has very particular plumbing requirements that need to be followed exactly so that your warranty can remain valid. This includes things like maximum distance and no flexible pipe.

Miscellaneous costs

There are a range of other costs you may need to pay to ensure your Madimack Heat Pump is up and running properly and is also protected by the 25-year warranty. They have certain ventilation conditions and also need a minimum amount of space between one another.

Are there additional running costs?

What can be slightly more complicated is determining the running costs of a Madimack Heat Pump. This typically will depend on the precise Madimack model you use but also a number of other conditions. We’ll outline some of these considerations below.

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What factors affect Madimack Heat Pump costs?

To assess the daily or weekly cost of running your heat pump, below are some of the factors to take into account.


Heat pumps are known to extract heat even in subzero temperatures. But in those situations, they have to work very hard. Electricity isn’t used to create heat, but rather extract them from the surrounding environment. The result means higher energy bills caused by increased electricity costs.


The size of your heat pump is another consideration that has an impact on your running costs. This is why it’s important to choose the correctly sized system from the get-go.

You can determine the right size of your heat pump by looking at the surface area of your pool, and the difference between its temperature and the air. There are many pool heat pump calculators online you can use to help you figure this out. Looking at the pool temperature at night, how humid it is, and how exposed it is to wind are also important factors.


This is a no-brainer, but how efficient your heat pump is will be an obvious factor on your heat pump running costs. If a pump has a higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratio, it typically means they have smaller operating costs. Note, however, that performance of your pump will change depending on the season.

What are the general costs of maintaining a pool?

It’s also critical not to forget the costs of running a pool more generally. In Australia, a swimming pool in your backyard can account for around a fifth of a property’s electricity bill. Costs you may incur go beyond pool heating options, which we’ll outline below.


Pool filter pumps collect a lot of excess rubbish and debris that floats around in your pool. This is absolutely critical for your pool’s maintenance. Costs can run up to possibly around $110 every month over the summer periods and around $80 over the colder winter months.


A chlorinator kills the harmful bacteria in your pool and thereby keeps it clean. This is a vital part of your pool and can typically cost 7 cents per hour to operate.


When the water evaporates after exposure to the sun, it can lose its heat. This can account for more than half of your energy loss. You’re therefore made to spend more on your heating bills to stop your pool water from evaporating.

Filter cleaning

Your pool filters may very well be the dirtiest components of your pool. This is because every piece of debris lying around in your pool needs to be filtered out. But to clean your filter, backwash is required two times a month. You may also need to rinse your filter’s cartridge filters every two months or so. This of course costs money.

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Madimack Heat Pump Reviews

You should also always look at Madimack pool heat pump reviews online to know what other people are saying about the product. This is so you can be completely comfortable that the heating options you’re purchasing are legitimate and best for you.

We’ve heard some great Madimack heat pump reviews from our customers, and can highly recommend them as high-quality and outstanding pool heaters suitable for a wide range of swimming pools. 

If you’re looking for your next Madimack Pool Heat Pump, get in touch with the specialists at Pool Covers & Rollers today. Our customer service team will help you make the right decisions to keep your pool clean, warm and healthy. 

Our Madimack Heat Pumps

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