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Did you find us by searching “Pool Covers Wollongong”, no matter what your requirements, at Pool Covers and Rollers we’ve quite literally got you covered!

  • Maintaining water temperature, for lower power bills
  • Keeping your pool warmer in winter … enjoy your pool all year round!
  • Reduced evaporation, to save you money on costly water refills
  • Highest quality materials ensuring a top quality finished product
  • Affordable, custom-made solutions
  • Goods delivered at zero cost

We have developed a strong reputation across Wollongong and the surrounding areas for providing the best quality, custom-made pool covers. And the best news? They’re super affordable, with the kind of price tag you’d normally only associate with a standard, one-size-fits-all equivalent.

If you’ve recently had a pool installed, or your current pool blanket is past its best, gaping or doesn’t quite fit the space properly, we can help. From straight-edged to lagoon shaped, whatever the parameters of your pool we can create a cover that fits like a glove. What’s more, we always add a bit of extra length and width, to ensure the benefits associated with complete coverage are maximised.

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Pool Covers


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Why Use Pool Covers?

There’s nothing more Aussie than spending long summer afternoons splashing about in the pool. There’s something particularly enjoyable about being able to do this following the often-chilly New South Wales winters. The catch? While we all love a pool or spa, something we don’t love quite so much is the labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks associated with ensuring it remains in peak condition, fun and safe for the entire family.

Our robust, expertly-fitted pool cover systems offer a year-round helping hand when it comes to keeping your pool clean, by keeping out leaves and debris. And besides saving you time and energy, you’ll enjoy the knock-on impacts of heat conservation and reduced pool water evaporation. In turn, this alleviates the utility costs associated with running your pool, which is great news for your wallet, and boosts energy efficiency, which is great news for the planet! It really is a win-win.

When you buy a pool cover system from us, you’ll also be getting peace-of-mind from knowing your pool has been fitted with the best quality solution for the most reasonable price. We are so proud of our products and so confident about their incredible value that we’re even prepared to beat any quote for an Australian-sourced pool covers of similar quality.

We’ve cut out the middle-man to get you the best deal!

If you’re living in the Wollongong area and you’re in the market for an inground or above ground pool cover, our experts are the ideal people for the job! Our clients are frequently surprised when they realise how low we keep our prices, without skimping on quality. By manufacturing systems to order on-site at our local premises, we essentially cut out the middleman and, in doing so, we pass on the associated savings to the people who matter to us the most … our customers!

With Pool Covers and Rollers, you’ll get the best of the best!

One of the reasons our products are so highly regarded is our careful selection of materials, sourced via our trusted network of suppliers. Aside from the covers themselves, our rollers are made using powder-coated aluminium, for added durability. With a custom-built roller or reel designed to work in harmony with your cover, you’ll enjoy a fully functioning system that’s smooth and incredibly user-friendly. And our full cover and roller systems enable the fastest roll on / roll off speeds, so you can have near-instant access to your pool, whenever you need it!

Quality products, technical know-how and outstanding customer service!

As well as using the very best materials, our reputation is built on the leading-edge manufacturing and installation procedures our team adheres to. And you can rest assured of long-term protection, with a five or eight year prorate warranty included as standard.

With more than a decade spent working with the people of Wollongong to protect and maintain their pools, we have also become known for the highest levels of customer service. Whether you’re looking to protect a pool at a residential or commercial property, you can count on us for honest advice as we walk you through the options and help you select the most appropriate solution for your specific circumstances.

Looking for a spare part? We’ve got you covered!

We are confident in saying we know all there is to know about pool covers and rollers. At our leading-edge workshop we stock a broad selection of spare parts, from refit kits to sun covers. So, if you’re having problems with your existing pool cover system but aren’t ready to take the plunge and commit to a new one, simply give us a call. We’ll tap into our supplier network, getting our hands on whatever is required to get your system back in working order quickly and with zero fuss.


Call 0498808392 or email info@poolcoversandrollers.com.au today to find out more!


About Wollongong

Wollongong, affectionately known as “The Gong” amongst many of its locals, is a picturesque coastal city at the heart of the famous Illawarra region of New South Wales. Situated on the coastal strip between the Illawarra Escarpment and Pacific Ocean, 80 kilometres south of the state capital of Sydney, it’s a dream destination for both living and visiting.

As of 2018, Wollongong had an estimated population of around 303,000, making it the third-largest city in the state of New South Wales, (after Sydney and Newcastle) and the tenth-largest city in the country.

Historically, the area was inhabited by the Dharawal (or Turuwal) Indigenous Australians. While European navigators George Bass and Matthew Flinders landed at Lake Illawarra in 1796, the first white settlers were the cedar cutters who arrived in the early nineteenth century, soon to be followed by graziers. Over the years, Wollongong’s industries have continued to diversify, with it developing a reputation for coal mining and, more recently, as an important regional centre for the South Coast fishing industry.

The name ‘Wollongong’ is thought to mean ‘seas of the South’ in the local Indigenous language of Tharawal. Other interpretations include ‘great feast of fish’, ‘hard ground near water’, ‘sound of the waves’ and ‘five islands’.

Thanks to its world-class surf beaches, today’s Wollongong is well-known for its beachside buzz, particularly when strolling along its scenic harbour. The area is known for kayaking, sailing, water skiing and fishing, not only by virtue of its position next to the ocean, but also its proximity to the expansive Lake Illawarra.

The city’s metropolitan area extends from Helensburgh at its north, to Shell Cove at its south. Right at its heart is Keira Street, known by many as ‘eat street’, with its array of cafes and laid back restaurants. Wollongong also boasts one of the nation’s best regional art galleries, complete with impressive Indigenous collection, and has an extensive calendar of events throughout the year, including festivals, concerts, exhibitions and markets which attract visitors from all over the country and indeed the world.

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