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8 Reasons You Should Get Solar Pool Covers

Having a pool is a home improvement project that can come at a hefty cost. Homeowners need to do their research to understand not only what they can afford but also which type of pool is best suited for their home. At this level, the choice you make could increase the value of your property, which is why you don’t want to embark lightly on a swimming pool build project. 

However, having a pool also requires a full maintenance and servicing schedule. Running a pool comes at a cost. On average, homeowners in Australia can spend up to $3,725 per year. Indeed, when you combine the costs of cleaning, chemicals, repairs, maintenance, water top-up, and heating, the annual bill can be hefty. Failing behind essential pool care can make it hard to appreciate your swimming pool year after year. 

But you can make pool ownership more manageable with smart accessories that take a lot of the maintenance hassle off of your plate. One of these smart accessories is a solar pool cover. Below, we’ve compiled eight reasons why you want to consider solar pool covers to make your pool more enjoyable.

#1. Reduce the rate of water evaporation

Regardless of its design, no pool is immune to evaporation. Unfortunately, the hotter your pool temperature gets, the more vulnerable it is to evaporation. Outdoor pools can also lose a lot of water through high winds and low levels of moisture in the air. However, even an indoor pool is likely to experience some level of evaporation. A solar pool cover can provide a barrier to external elements that aggravate evaporation. With a pool cover, you can reduce the rate of water loss through evaporation by up to 95%, which significantly reduces the cost of water top-up. 

#2. Cut chemical usage by half

A direct consequence of reducing water evaporation is chemical consumption. Australian pool owners tend to rely on automatic pumps that keep track of chlorine levels in the water. You need to keep your chlorine levels safe to prevent bacterial development and risks. Chlorine keeps the water clean and safe to use. The more often you need to top your water up, the more chlorine you have to use. That’s precisely where specialist pool covers Australia can make a huge difference to your chemical consumption by preserving your water level. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that for sensitive skin that is prone to chlorine rash, the use of a solar pool cover can cut down chemical usage by almost 50%. Bye-bye, chlorine rash, and hello swimming joy!

#3. Significantly heat up your pool

Do you have to push yourself to get into the water? Once you’re past the hot summer days, the water can get a little cold, even for the bravest swimmers. Maintaining the water temperature comfortable at an average 25°C can bring your heating costs up, whether you are using gas or non-solar electric heating. But the addition of pool covers can help increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, as it protects the surface from external factors while maximising sun heat. 

#4. Retain the heat

You don’t need to wait until the temperature is cold to use a solar pool cover. Keeping these when the pool isn’t in use can reduce heat loss, that would otherwise occur in contact with the elements. The wind is the main culprit that can dramatically drop your pool temperature, even when the weather remains pleasant. This will typically happen during the mouths that precede and follow the hotter summer months. You can extend your swimming enjoyment by a couple of months, even when the external temperatures have dropped. 

#5. Improve solar heating efficiency

If your pool heating system already uses solar energy, the addition of a solar pool cover can complement the existing system in place. Ultimately a solar cover enhances direct sun heat to deliver it back to the water. Depending on your standard solar season, you can expect to save 50% to 80% in energy costs across Australia. This will depend on your location, average climate temperatures, and the heat you expect from your pool. Combining solar energy as a heating system and with your cover will increase energy savings significantly.

#6. Keep the pool clean

Whether they are floating on the surface or sunken at the bottom, nobody likes the sight of leaves, small twigs or even dead insects in the swimming pool. These are guaranteed to kill the pool party mood instantly, without mentioning the time and effort you have to invest to keep the pool clean. Even indoor pools are susceptible to debris that can make their way inside your structure. A pool cover offers a safety net that captures the dirt and keeps it off your water.

#7. Compatible with an automatic pool cleaner

Automatic and robotic pool cleaners can save you a lot of time. They’re the kind of smart equipment that does the job while you can sit and enjoy a cocktail in the sun. However, large debris in the pool can strain both their efforts and your skimmer basket. By keeping debris off the water, you reduce unnecessary pressure on your automatic pool cleaning system.

#8. Reduce unwanted intrusions

Swimming pool intruders are more frequent in outdoor swimming pools. However, a surprising number of pests and wildlife creatures can also find their way inside your indoor pool. As such, the addition of a pool cover will protect your water from unwanted guests. Some of the most common guests you are likely to come across are ducks. Yet, don’t be fooled by the cute Instagram potential. Ducks will leave behind debris and waste. Besides, ducklings may not be able to get out of the water by themselves, so there’s an extra challenge for you when you want to have a cosy swim. Lesser pleasant intruders, however, can include snakes, spiders, and even kangaroos. Your pool cover will deter their efforts in finding a fresh spot! It’s also likely to keep your neighbouring wildlife safe, as many wild creatures need to be rescued after falling into swimming pools every year.

In summary, it becomes clear that a solar swimming pool cover is a hard-working addition that enhances your pool. As well as a method to reduce maintenance costs by keeping your chemical, water, and heating bills low, it also makes it easier to maintain and enjoy your pool all year round. Contact your swimming pool cover expert today.

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