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Buying a Pool Cover? Whats the first question you should ask?

You often hear it said that the first question to ask when buying a pool cover is “where was the pool cover made”? However, I think that this is not quite the correct way to ask what would otherwise be a good opening question.

You see in Australia our pool covers are subjected to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world and they are constantly under assault by much higher levels of UV than their counterparts overseas. So pool covers here in this country have to be tough to survive.

In our Australian market, we have a number of manufacturers who import cover material from low cost Asian countries or even Europe, the UK and the USA, and then manufacture the pool covers here in Australia from this imported material. So when the question is asked, “where is the pool cover made”? They can truthfully answer “Right here in Australia”.

A much better question to ask is “Where was the cover material manufactured”? If the seller is making pool covers from imported material, he now has to either admit that or lie which of course carries a risk with that as well.

So when buying a pool cover, you will do yourself a big favour if you ask where the cover material was made and then pick only Australian made pool cover material, it really is the best for this environment we live in.

As you might expect, we use Sancell pool cover material which is manufactured in Carrum Downs Victoria. Australian product through and through.

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