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Our Pool Cover Business is Based right here on the Central Coast. We Supply and also Install swimming pool covers right across our region, no matter the shape, style or size, we can provide a high-quality, Australian-made pool cover that perfectly fits your pool. 

Our raw material is produced in Faulkner, Victoria @ Sealed Air Australia which means the material is Climate Care Certified and Smart Watermark Approved and we have been producing the best Pool Covers in Australia for over 16 Years.

Our Pool Covers offer the following benefits

  1. Increased Water Temperature: Due to the dimple shape of the bubbles, our swimming pool covers trap the sun’s UV rays underneath as it is bounced off the bottom of the pool. This UV trapping is what causes the water temperature to rise, and it can be by as much as up to 8 degrees.

  2. Heat Retention: The air within and between the bubbles forms a thermal layer, retaining the water’s warmth, especially during cooler overnight temperatures. This is why pool covers are often referred to as solar blankets. With this heat retention, your pool heater doesn’t need to run as long to maintain the desired water temperature, resulting in significant electricity savings.

  3. Reduced Evaporation: On average, a swimming pool loses its entire water content to evaporation each year. Our pool covers can reduce evaporation by up to 97%, potentially saving tens of thousands of liters of water annually.

  4. Decreased Chemical Usage: With less evaporation, there’s a significant reduction in the need for pool chemicals, saving you money.

  5. Reduced Maintenance: When installed correctly, our pool covers can capture the majority of leaves and debris on its surface, reducing the pool’s maintenance requirements.

We keep a close eye on the competitions pricing and we guarantee you wont find a better price for Australian Made Material in Australia. We have installed thousands of Pool Covers on the Central Coast, Sydney and the Hunter, so you can be assured that we are quite simply the best in the business at it. 

Being a Family run business, if you aren’t happy with the end product – we aren’t happy, and we will replace it.

Drop us a line at info@poolcoversandrollers.com.au or give David a call on 0498808392

We not only do Pool Covers, but we also Supply and install Pool Heaters on the Central Coast, Salt Chlorinators, Pool Filters, Pool Pumps, Robot Cleaners


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An exceptional range of Pool Covers, installed across the Central Coast

Your pool should be a place to enjoy, not an ongoing battle to keep well-maintained! Being Central Coast Based Pool Cover Suppliers we can help you envision and design a custom pool cover that will suit your aesthetics and save you time and money, we do this by coming out to site for an obligation-free Quote.  

Using a pool cover will significantly reduce pool heating costs and the amount of water evaporated. You’ll also have more time to enjoy swimming and less getting out leaves and other debris. Our pool covers and blankets are made of the best quality materials, handpicked from trusted suppliers. We’re so sure of the craftsmanship that we offer a five to eight-year guarantee. We are that confident in what we do! This covers the materials and makes, giving you extra peace of mind.

We do more than just sell Pool Covers on the Central Coast, we make them too!

We’ve been in the business a long time and have mastered the art of quality with pool covers and rollers. Having a properly fitted cover will make a world of difference, and you’ll be impressed with how much this affects the quality of your pool water. We’ve created many designs over the years for many shapes and styles of pools and are experts at getting the perfect fit.

What are the benefits of having a pool cover installed?

  • Save water: Having a pool cover will significantly reduce pool evaporation, which is excellent for the environment and when your water bill arrives!
  • Improved water quality: By keeping debris and leaves out of your pool, the water stays cleaner – and you spend much less time manually fishing them out!
  • Save energy: Pool covers act as insulators, which means heat stays in – hugely reducing costs associated with heating.
  • Less need for chemicals: Less evaporation means fewer chemicals are needed to maintain the water’s chemical balance, which is excellent for your wallet and the environment.

A customised pool cover to suit your every need.

Irrespective of your pool’s dimensions or design, whether a sprawling oasis, a classic Roman layout, or something uniquely freeform, our team excels in crafting a cover that flawlessly mirrors its contours. We go the extra mile by adding more length and width to ensure total coverage.

Our team is at your service for in-ground or above-ground pools. As the creators of some of the Central Coasts’ finest custom pool covers, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices. This is possible because we produce these covers in-house, guaranteeing quality and affordability across NSW.

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Complete our quick quote form or reach out for more details. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and are always ready to assist, even post-installation. Our commitment to value includes beating any written quote for equivalent Australian products.

If you’ve got your pool’s measurements, fill out the instant quote form. For advice or info, call 0498808392 or email info@poolcoversandrollers.com.au. We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Extending the lifespan of your Solar Pool Cover involves two key actions. First, it’s essential to arrange for a professional assessment of your pool water at least monthly. They’ll ensure that your pool’s chlorine content remains within the ideal 2-3 ppm (parts per million of water). Your local pool shop or maintenance provider should maintain records of your pool’s chemical levels, as these can prove valuable for warranty claims should an unlikely cover issue arise.

Next, after removing the cover from the pool – and if you use a pool cover roller system – just lay the sun cover on the rolled material. If there’s no roller, ensure the cover remains in full shade when off the pool. The material is highly heat-conductive, so direct sunlight can lead to melting without the cooling water effect. Prolonged exposure to heat also adversely impacts the material’s composition, significantly influencing its response to chlorine degradation.

A pool cover is a deterrent against ducks, effectively blocking their access to the water. The concept revolves around disrupting the ducks’ established behaviour patterns. Given that your pool is typically transparent, ducks can see the water’s contents, allowing them to gauge the presence of potential threats. In most cases, pool fences also act as barriers against predators. Additionally, some pools feature vegetation like grass or plants, offering sustenance and a safe spot. For ducks, your collection becomes an enticing haven for a swim, a quick meal, and inevitable relief.

All pool covers discourage ducks from entering the water, yet the extent of their effectiveness hinges on the cover type chosen. The mechanism is simple: the body denies ducks what they seek most – access to the water. By concealing the water’s surface, swimming or bathing becomes impossible for them. Although applying a cover won’t immediately dissuade ducks, they’ll realise access is denied over time and will seek alternatives. The misconception is trying to shoo ducks away using floating objects or hanging items above the waterline, which works briefly until the ducks perceive no threat. The ultimate and enduring solution to deter ducks lies in denying them water access!

While having a cover does help keep the ducks out, it’s not something we would ever recommend as any safety measure for your family or pets. You must have a pool fence installed in Australia.

Certainly not! The material used for leaf and debris covers is notably lighter than bubble solar blankets, eliminating the need for a roller to facilitate rolling. Nonetheless, we have accommodated requests from customers who wanted a roller added to their leaf and debris cover. The outcome was highly satisfactory for the customer.

If you want to save money on energy, heating costs and water, having a pool cover is the most effective way to do this. Saving can be significant and reduce the cost of expensive pool chemicals, which aren’t being rapidly evaporated – which is also great for the environment. Many people do not realise how much evaporation and chemical wastage cost them until they have a cover installed and rarely top up chemicals comparatively.

Pool covers absorb sunlight and have a marked effect on pool temperature! An uncovered domestic pool loses heat rapidly, so even with economical pool heating options, running costs will still be much higher.

The Climate Care Certification Program has pool cover certification guidelines that we can help you understand and consider when you make your next purchase. Their standards ensure that a product is fit to meet Australia’s warm climate, ensure sustainability, and help you reduce costs associated with having a pool.