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Pool cover for an odd shaped pool ?

It is possible to fit a pool cover for an odd shaped pool and this applies to a wide variety of pool covers on the market today. Very often the limitation on whether to get a pool cover for an odd shaped pool does not rest with the pool cover itself but whether or not a pool cover roller is needed and if so whether or not installing it is possible and also finally whether or not the shape of the pool cover will lend itself to being rolled up. This is a very valid consideration because in the vast majority of cases a pool cover will almost certainly require a roller to be attached for ease of handling unless it is particularly small. Swimming pool areas that are particularly tight with close in pool fences which would not allow a pool cover roller to stand in the correct position on the pool deck would be another situation where a pool roller could not be used and as a result getting a pool cover may be ill advised. Also as mentioned before, there are some pool shapes for which a pool cover will not easily roll up. These will be few in number but they do exist. My advice for any customer buying a pool cover for an odd shaped pool, even online, is if you are unsure, send the seller a picture and maybe a rough sketch of the pool and ask them for their input as to whether a cover is possible and if so where the roller should stand. If they can’t answer these questions, maybe they do not know the product very well and you should probably look somewhere else to buy your pool cover. Odd shaped pools and a pool cover can go together most of the time. But the ability to fit a roller is key to it being easy to live with otherwise you are down on your hands and knees to roll it up, and rolling it out also will not be easy either, and nobody wants that.

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