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Pool Cover Roller Installation

In providing this instruction on how to install a pool cover roller, we will assume that your pool cover has already been cut out and installed. Tools you will need
  • 9mm open end, ring or socket spanner
  • 19mm open end, ring or socket spanner
  • Hammer
  • Small Block of wood
  • Tape measure
  • Phillips head screw driver or Phillips head bit for a cordless drill
Safety Tip: You can use a 9mm hex drive attachment for a cordless drill in place of a spanner so long as the drill is cordless. Never use electric tools around swimming pools. Procedure: Your pool cover roller will have already been partly set-up by us at the factory. The roller tube will already have the attachment points installed and the end axles for the roller legs will also be installed.
  1. Finish building the pool cover roller. Do this by screwing the stabilisation feet into position if it is a stationary pool cover roller or bolt the wheels into place if it is a fully mobile pool cover roller.
  2. Tap the hand wheels into place on the axles at either end of the tube. This can be done with the heal of the hand or your block of wood and hammer. DO NOT strike the hand wheel directly with a steel hammer as the hand wheel may get damaged.
  3. With the stabilization feet or wheels as the case may be fitted, slide the pool cover roller end legs onto the axles at each end of the roller tube. When these are in position fit the securing wire retaining ring in to the grooved section at the end of the pool cover roller axle. With this retaining ring in place, the roller end leg should not slide off the axle.
  4. The pool cover roller is now complete and is now ready for attachment to the pool cover.
  5. Now position the pool cover roller into its standing position at the chosen end of the swimming pool. While it is not necessary to permanently secure the pool cover roller to this position, this will be its usual standing position when the pool cover is rolled out onto the swimming pool.
  6. Now pull the end of the pool cover out of the swimming pool and position it below the pool cover roller bar
  7. Using the eyelet knife supplied along with the block of wood and a hammer, punch holes into the pool cover which line up with the securing screws already attached to the pool cover roller bar.
  8. Once the eyelet holes have been made, insert the blue eyelets into these holes using the hammer and the block of wood. A word of caution: do not strike the eyelets directly with a steel hammer as the eyelets may be damaged.
  9. Now that the eyelets have been installed, attach the pool cover to the pool cover roller using the attachment ropes supplied. Care should be taken to have each ropes length adjusted so that the pool cover rolls up evenly. This is easy to do when the end of the pool cover is straight because all that is required is to make all of the ropes the same length. However, if the pool cover is rounded at the roller end, making the ropes the correct length requires a little more measurement.
  10. When the pool has a rounded end, fit the centre rope first and measure how long it is. Next work progressively to the outside rope by measuring the distance from the cover to the next rope and then addition some additional length equal to the length of the centre rope. This will ensure that the cover winds up evenly.
  11. Finally give the cover and roller a test roll up, make any small adjustments you see necessary.

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