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Experience the joy of swimming in your pool no matter what season it is, with Sydney’s most reliable and efficient pool heaters.

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High Speed

Transform your pool into an endless paradise with a pool heat pump

Imagine stepping into water at the perfect temperature, even during Sydney’s cooler months, while others dream of summer arriving again. 

With intuitive controls and automated features, you can easily set and maintain your desired water temperature with minimal effort. Sit back, relax, and let the heat pump take care of everything, ensuring your pool is always ready to enjoy.

Save thousand of dollars, with a highly efficient pool heating system

Efficiency is at the heart of Madimack’s & Neptune’s pool heat pump design, ensuring optimal heating performance while keeping energy costs at a minimum.

By harnessing ambient air heat and transferring it to your pool water, these pumps allow you to say goodbye to the high costs associated with traditional gas and electric heaters.

A 25 year guarantee, for absolute peace of mind

Pool heat pumps offer more than warmth and affordability. With user-friendly access via your mobile phone, you’ll love the sleek design that is patented to create minimal noise, yet powered by the latest and most reliable technology.

Best of all?

These pool heat pumps are built for sydney’s climate, and longevity, with a 25 Year Guarantee in place, and access to unparalleled customer service and support if you ever need it.

Premium 5-Star Pool Heating Range

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Elite V3 Madimack Heat Pump

With the newest inverter technology the Elite delivers:

Elite V3 Madimack Heat Pump

ECO Madimack Heat Pump

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind the Eco delivers:

ECO Madimack Heat Pump

Innovators in Heat Pump Technology

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Latest in premium
designs & technology
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integration (WIFI)
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TüV Rheinland

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Over 50 years of heat
pump technology
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customer service
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How to Choose the Perfect Pool Heat Pump for Sydney's Climate

Investing in pool heaters is the first step to creating unforgettable year round swimming experiences.

To decide which model is right for you, you’ll first need to know the volume of your pool.

A simple formula to get the volume of your pool is to measure the length & width of your pool, and times it by 1.5. 

Formula: Length x Width x 1.5 = Volume

Once you have your pool’s volume, click the button ‘Get a Free Quote’ an fill out the remaining contact form fields!

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It’s easy to install by your favourite electrician and plumber. You will have a warm pool in no time.

#3 Extend Your Swim Season

Your investment creates the greatest return it possibly could, wonderful memories.

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Alex Hirsch
Alex Hirsch
Would highly recommend Peter and his pool cover services. He did a phenominal install for our pool and made the whole process of getting a cover an absolute breeze. Peter was easily contactable and very friendly. Overall we're very happy we went with Peter for our pool.
Houman Sahraei
Houman Sahraei
It was a pleasure dealing with Pool Covers and Rollers from start to finish. Peter was very knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. He explained everything throughly when it came picking the right pool cover and roller which helped me save some cost as well. I would highly recommend the services from Pool Covers and Rollers and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.
Gwyn Orr
Gwyn Orr
We just bought a Madimack pool heater and Thermal cover from Pool covers and rollers. Peter Towle was so helpful and gave us a great deal, we would highly recommend doing business with him, he went to a lot of trouble in helping us and giving names of local people if we needed a hand. We received our goods promptly. Very happy customers!
reg manen
reg manen
Prompt, polite, professional, high quality at very competitive rates. Peter went over and above by inserting an easy-pull system for my large pool cover. No hesitation in providing highest possible recommendation.
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott
Bought a Pool Roller Sun Cover from this company. My initial difficulty in assembling the straps was quickly overcome by some pictures sent by Peter to my phone. Appreciated the follow up phone call to check everything was satisfactory. Would recommend them. Suggest they have maybe assembly photos on the website.
Andrew Savage
Andrew Savage
Great Service, good quality product, reasonable price - recommended
David Mclaughlin
David Mclaughlin
Peter provided assistance through the research and ordering stages right through to facetiming with me to give assistance while building the pool roller. Great bloke with a quality product at an affordable price.
Savannah Brennan
Savannah Brennan
Our last imported, pool cover purchased from a retail outlet, resembled bubble wrap and deteriorated within 8 months. So after much research I discovered Pool Covers and More. A far superior pool cover, manufactured in Australia. So thick, durable and best of all made to last for years and great value! Easily cut to size for our round pool. Fast delivery, direct to my door. Too Easy!
Nathan Harding
Nathan Harding
Highly recommend Poolcovers and Rollers. Great product, amazing service and speedy delivery. 5 stars!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some climates let you enjoy your pool all year round. Ours doesn’t. So you’ll need a swimming pool heat pump if you want to have the opportunity to use your collection all year round—not just in summer. Wake up with a warm dip in winter, or get some laps in as Autumn rolls around. It’s all possible if you install a swimming pool heat pump.

Technically speaking, yes and no! Pool heaters can come in many forms, including gas pool heating, electric pool heaters and solar pool heaters. Pool heat pumps are also called ‘electric pool heaters’, but other types of electric pool heating are available, which use older and less efficient technology. Another standard pool heating solution uses gas or natural gas. Gas pool heaters are referred to as ‘pool heaters’ more frequently and have been used for a long time to heat swimming pools. Then, of course there are solar heating options. Solar pool heating systems are another popular option in Australia. All types of pool heating systems can be generally termed as a ‘pool heater’, but an electric pool heat pump is a specific type of swimming pool heating system that we sell and recommend for several reasons. Swimming pool heat pumps, a newer type of electric pool heaters, are one of Australia’s most popular and economical pool heating options and are perfect for Sydney climates.

When it comes to getting the best pool heating advice, we can help. We understand the different pool heating options available and how to ensure you have the best option to keep your swimming pool water warm when the temperature drops. We feel it’s essential to use highly efficient and economical heating systems and consider many other factors. Installation costs and ongoing maintenance are important considerations when creating a warmer pool. The cost of your power source is also a significant factor, as they will be recurring costs over time.

Using a gas heater for pool heating, run with mains or natural gas, can heat your pool pretty quickly, but it can come with a large gas bill and impacts on the environment, with pollution being a factor to consider, as well as rising gas costs. Gas pool heaters used to be very popular, but over time, more cost-effective and sustainable options have become much more widely used than traditional gas pool heaters.

Solar pool heating has increased over the last two decades, with many opting for solar heating because they feel it’s an economical long-term method to heat their pool and less strain on the environment. While solar pool heating does offer these benefits, it has its limitations. Solar pool heating can take a lot longer to heat your pool to the desired temperature if the weather conditions aren’t excellent, which can almost defeat the purpose of using a solar pool heater in the colder months when it’s likely to be overcast and cloudy. The costs to install solar pool heating can also be huge, and many maintenance costs are associated with a solar pool heating system.

When it comes to using electricity to power pool heating solutions, there are two main choices. Older systems work with thermostatically controlled heaters, which, like gas pool heating, can heat quite effectively but aren’t very efficient. This can mean that an electric pool heater can come with sizeable ongoing electricity bills. The second option, which we feel is absolutely suited to the Sydney climate, is an electric heat pump. Electric heat pumps use similar technology to refrigeration and air conditioning systems, using heat in the air to warm your pool water. Like solar heating systems, they are gentle on the environment and can run from electricity sourced from solar panels. You will be able to have warm pool water when required, and you won’t need to worry about if it’s cloudy or raining, like a solar heating system. Heat pumps can also be used in conjunction with pool blankets, ensuring you can efficiently heat your pool, and retain an ambient temperature, all year round. This is why we would recommend an electric pool pump as the best option overall for pool heating in Sydney.


You don’t want to wait around until the weather warms up—you want to swim now! This is why swimming pool heating is essential if you don’t live in a climate that is warm all year round. Generally, a swimming pool heat pump takes between 12 to 48 hours to heat your pool. The size and capacity of your swimming pool heater will determine how fast it takes. The more kilowatts it produces, the faster your pool heat pump will reach your desired temperature, giving you a year round swimming season.

Absolutely. The pool heat pump that powers swimming pool heaters operates off the same electricity your home uses, so it’s completely fine to run your heat pump on solar panels. Simply run your pump when your solar panels are running, and you can create an efficient, effective, energy-smart pool heating system.

If you plan to swim first thing in the morning, then yes, it’s best to leave your pool heat pump on over night. It takes at least 12 hours to warm up your pool, so the longer you have it on the better.

However, running your pump during daytime is a more energy-efficient option. This allows your heat pump to convert warm air and channel it into your swimming pool, heating it faster and more efficiently. It doesn’t have to work as hard as it does overnight.

Create More Memories and Extend Your Sydney Swimming Season with a Pool Heater Pump