Quality Swimming Pool Covers and Rollers – Geelong

No matter what your requirements, at Pool Covers and Rollers we’ve quite literally got you covered!

  • Maintaining water temperature, for lower power bills
  • Keeping your pool warmer in winter … enjoy your pool all year round!
  • Reduced evaporation, to save you money on costly water refills
  • Highest quality materials ensuring a top quality finished product
  • Affordable, custom-made solutions
  • Goods delivered at zero cost

If you arrived on this page after Googling ‘pool covers Geelong’, your search ends here! We have developed a strong reputation across Geelong and the surrounding areas for providing the best quality, custom-made pool covers. And the best news? They’re super affordable, with the kind of price tag you’d normally only associate with a standard, one-size-fits-all equivalent.

If you’ve recently had a pool installed, or your current pool blanket is past its best, gaping or doesn’t quite fit the space properly, we can help. From straight-edged to lagoon shaped, whatever the parameters of your pool we can create a cover that fits like a glove. What’s more, we always add a bit of extra length and width, to ensure the benefits associated with complete coverage are maximised.

Why Use Pool Covers?

With such easy access to stunning, world-class beaches, it’s little wonder the people of Geelong have an affinity with water. That’s doubtless part of the reason locals love their swimming pools too. And let’s face it, there’s a lot to love with the fun, exercise and opportunities to cool down they offer. However, there are aspects associated with proper pool cleaning and maintenance that people obviously don’t love quite so much, due to the time and labour intensive nature of these tasks.

That’s where a high quality, tailored and properly fitted pool cover system comes in! It offers more than an easy way to keep your pool clean with minimal time and effort. You’ll also reap the rewards of added heat conservation and a reduction in the evaporation of your pool water. What this all adds up to is lower costs associated with running your pool, the reduced water and electricity use providing a decline in your utility bills. Your pool will also become much more energy efficient, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too!

Purchase one of our custom-made pool cover systems and we promise that despite the superior quality of our products we will not be beaten on price. We have such faith in our affordability that we’re prepared to beat any quote you find elsewhere for an Australian-sourced pool cover deemed of equal quality.

We’ve cut out the middle-man to get you the best deal!

One of the first things our residential and commercial clients want to know is how we can keep our prices so low, while the quality of our products remains so high. Our unique manufacturing model enables this because, by manufacturing all our pool covers to order on Australian soil, we’ve cut out the middleman. The cost savings inherent in this approach are then passed directly to our customers in the form of high-quality, tailor-made systems at unbelievably low prices.

With Pool Covers and Rollers, you’ll get the best of the best!

Time and again we see pool blankets that don’t quite fit the surface area of the pool, meaning problematic gaps and gaping. That’s because many believe the cheapest option is simply to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution from their nearest hardware store. But with pools coming in every different shape and size, this cookie-cutter approach is not fit-for-purpose and won’t help to maximise the host of benefits a better-fitted cover can bring.

Whatever shape your pool, from straight-edged to lagoon shaped, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll design and manufacture a cover to match perfectly. And just in case, we’ll add some extra length and width, to make 100% certain of complete coverage and a perfect fit.

And our work doesn’t stop there! Consider one of our robust, powder-coated aluminium rollers, turning your pool cover into a fully-functioning pool cover system. Operating smoothly and easily, you will experience the quickest roll on / roll off times, offering immediate access to your pool as soon as you want it! Because, why wait?

Quality products, technical know-how and outstanding customer service!

It’s our commitment to sourcing only the very best and most trusted materials from our long-standing network of suppliers, coupled with our unique, tried and tested manufacturing and installation procedures that have made us such a hit!

Thanks to more than a decade of industry experience, we are not only known for the quality of our systems, but also the highest levels of customer service. Our clients know they can expect straightforward and honest advice, and that we are willing to provide the knowledge and recommendations required to help select the best solution for their specific pool and its protection.

And as if that wasn’t enough to put your mind at ease, all systems come with five and eight year prorate warranties as standard, so you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your system will be protecting your pool and family for many years to come.

Looking for a spare part? We’ve got you covered!

Knowing pretty much everything there is to know about pool covers and rollers, we are in the unique position of being able to advise on whether a brand new system is the way to go, or whether your existing one could instead be salvaged at a fraction of the cost. We carry a wide range of spare parts at our warehouse, and if we don’t have the right element to rectify the problem immediately upon diagnosis, we’ll tap into our extensive supplier network to quickly source what’s required to get your system working as good as new.


Call 0477 241 953 or email info@poolcoversandrollers.com.au today to find out more!


About Geelong

Victoria’s second largest city Geelong can be found 75km to the southwest of the state capital of Melbourne. At the 2018 Census the population was considered to be more than 268,000, with its growth continuing to be vastly larger than the national average.

The area first came to the attention of European settlers in the late 1830s, just three weeks after the discovery of Melbourne. It didn’t take long before the area was colonised, and became a mecca for wool production, as well as capitalising on the Ballarat gold rush of the era, having the advantage of being the location of the closest port.

The city was given its name in 1827, derived from the local Wathaurong Indigenous people’s traditional name for the region, Djillong, thought to translate as either land, cliffs, tongue of land, peninsula or a combination of each.

Modern day Geelong offers many varied attractions enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, from bushland to world-class surf beaches, historic buildings and cosmopolitan shopping precincts. It is often known as the ‘Gateway City’ due to its close proximity to other major Victorian regional centres such as Ballarat, Torquay, the Great Ocean Road and Warrnambool, as well as Melbourne.

The distinctive waterfront esplanade is enjoyed for its 19th-century carousel, curved art deco boardwalk and sea bath. The Geelong Botanic Gardens are situated at the eastern side of the bay, while the central National Wool Museum hosts an ever-changing program of interesting exhibitions.

For many years Geelong functioned as a successful manufacturing hub, although this has declined somewhat in recent years with an increased focus on the services industry, as well as health and education. In addition, it’s a source of pride for many locals that the city is home to the Geelong Football Club, the second oldest club in the Australian Football League.

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